How does a Dog Tracking Collar Work?- Electric Dog collars

Dog tracking collars are utilised by hunters who use their dogs to track game, usually birds. They can be used on all gun dogs and are mostly used on pointers as they normally cover the most ground when it comes to hunting. There are several different types of dog tracking collars available. The 2 most commonly used today are those that emit signals through radio frequency and GPS tracking collars that emit signals from satellite transmissions.

There are 2 parts to all tracking collar systems - the receiver and the transmitter. The transmitter is affixed to your dog's collar. Most receivers today are a collar with a small antenna. This is very light weight and are just as comfortable as a regular collar on your dog. The antenna will broadcast the signal to your receiver when your dog is hunting.

Radio frequency dog tracking systems work by sending signals to the receiver through radio frequencies. You normally have to adjust the receiver as it can tune on a many channels. Radio frequencies can be transmitted around buildings and trees, but they do get weaker when challenged with these obstacles. When you are hunting, you are most likely to run into trees, ravines and other areas where the signal will get weaker.

As your dog moves, you will be able to track him by getting signals from the receiver. The signals will get stronger as you get close to your dog. If you have a GPS dog tracking system, it'll tell you the precise distance of your dog. Traditional radio frequency dog tracking systems will not be able to tell you the distance but offer more of a range and distance than their GPS counterparts. Most radio frequency tracking systems have lights that blink to let you know when you are getting close to your dog so that you do not have to employ a beeping sound, which can scare away birds and confuse your dog.

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it is a good idea to be familiar with using a dog tracking system before you take your dog out and go hunting. Hunters who aren't familiar with this kind of system may have a tough time using them to track their dogs. It's a good idea to practice tracking the transmitter before you really put it on the dog. You can do this by putting the transmitter somewhere that you can track it using the receiver before you use the system to track your dog.

When your dog is out on the hunt for birds and game, he does his job. You have got to let him out of your sight so that he can go about his business. But that being said, you don't wish to lose your dog. And this could happen if you are hunting in dense woods or massive open spaces. When you use a dog tracking system, you won't only be in a position to find your dog when he has retrieved or flushed game and birds, but you will be better equipped to find him if he gets lost.Dog tracking Collars.

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