2009 November 26

Whether your feathered friend has been naughty or nice you can find the Holiday Gifts for your Parrot that is perfect at Parrotworld.

When you have to balance your time between friends, family, parties, gift shopping, decorating and cooking with that of spending quality time with your bird(s), your other obligations tend to win out in favor of the festivities of the Holiday season. When spending less time with your bird is a must, provide him with toys that are so fun and interesting, he won't even know you're away! Offer your bird safe, festive, Holiday bird toys for him to enjoy while the family decorates the tree, and a chew toy to destroy while the family opens presents!

Don't leave your bird out in the cold this season; provide him some Holiday fun, too! Gifts for Every-Birdie

Stocking Stuffers (Toys Under $5)

Your feathered companion loves to be pampered with a special treat. Animated whistling, singing and even asking for treats is common. Imagine your feathered friend's eagerness when the treats are made by you! Just warm the food and pack it into pasta, a food cup, bird toys or something of your own creation and your bird's nutritious and foraging snack is ready.

A delicious blend of berries and fruits mixed into a biscuit form for easy feeding and fun eating! These biscuits will readily be devoured by your feathered companions, as they intrigue from the texture and excite from the taste! These biscuits range in size to suit most small, medium and large sized birds and parrots!

You can find toys to help your parrot stay active and keep him or her happy and healthy.

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Give your bird a truly extraordinary, naturally shaped, unique Dragonwood Ladders! Available in multiple lengths and sizes to suit every species of parrot! OR here are some others to choose from, but they have many other toys and healthy snacks for your favorite bird.

Almond Foot Forager, This almond foot forager features a non-toxic cardboard box stuffed with colored crinkle paper and almonds! A leather strip through the middle and wooden slats offer your bird a truly extraordinary foraging experience!

Large Rattle Foot Toy, Perfect for Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Cockatoo, Macaw, etc.

Pick-A-Part Toy, which is a multi-functional twig ball stuffed with sea grass, abaca and coconut fibers. Your bird can roll it, carry it around the house, or work on extracting the enticing bits of things that hide within it. You can add bits and pieces of anything that your bird enjoys, making it even more fun to discover what's peeking out at them.

Cuttlebone is an important supplement in any captive birds' diet. Cuttlebone not only improves overall health and wellness, but it also provides essential calcium to birds who would be otherwise lacking.

For Stocking Stuffers Under $5

Merry Christmas to Your Feathered Friend,


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