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Islandview Cottage, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada


A modern, bright cottage with an elevation of 50’ above the Lake and 100’ from the shoreline with extensive south facing windows viewing the Lake located on 10.5 acres. Panoramic 180 degree Lake view from the Cottage deck. North facing windows in Family room, kitchen and bathrooms providing views of landscaped greenery, Highway 28, and the unblemished structure-free forest and hills rising to 500’ above sea level.

Cottage sits on a 10.5 acre water lot with 1325’ of water frontage, suitable for all water activities, including swimming, snorkling, sailingboating, canoeing and kayaking. Extensive landscaping of lot with constructed settling ponds for water supply and well runoff to the Lake.


The north side/highway side forest lot consists of 173 acres. A stunning landscape of natural forest rising approximately 500’ above sea level unblemished by man built structures. The highway frontage is 1325’ and the northern view to the east and west of the lot is also unobstructed forest. The Highway side lot provides a copious water supply all year. There is a constructed rough road providing access to the top of the hill and down the northern side to a large brook, MacIntosh Brook. The northern /down side of the hill displays an old growth forest. The depth of the northern lot is in excess of 1 mile. There is an established ATV trail across the hill top leading easterly, several miles to McAdam’s Lake.

  • 2 water lots each 10.5 Acres + or – , each with adjacent forest lots
  • 2 forest lots each 173 Acres + or –
  • Extensive Bras d’Or Lakes water frontage of 1325’ and 595’


The cottage is nestled in a field of tall white birch trees. It has an area of 1056 sq ft with a new roof and siding, 2016.

It is a manufactured home by Central Eastern Homes Ltd of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, in 1995, Serial # GE 3217.

The structure is 18’ x 62’. The original south-facing windows have been remodeled or replaced.

The interior layout consists of a master bedroom suite (18’ x 13’) with bedroom, closet and washroom with sink, toilet and shower.

Large windows provide a view of the water and complementary landscaping. On moonlit nights the water and moon reflections may be seen from the bed.

The kitchen/dining area (18’ x14’) has comfortable seating for 6-8 persons. The water view from the dining area is spectacular with a virtual wall of windows and glass door. A picture window over the sink shows wonderful greenery of trees, lawns and scrubs.

Kitchen equipment includes a dishwasher, General Electric ceramic top 30” electric stove and oven and a Samsung 30’ wide fridge.

The family room is 18’ x 16’ featuring water views or greenery views from every seat in the room.

There are 2 additional bedrooms and one full bathroom. A double-doored alcove is situated off the bedroom hallway with a washer/dryer and 2nd fridge.

Offering Price

Eastern lots – Water lot with Cottage and Forest lot

$699,000 Canadian

Western Lots Water Lot and Forest Lot

$289,000 Canadian

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There is a 100 amp service dedicated to the cottage and shared with the Kitchen shed.

The residence has a dual heating system with baseboard electric units in each room controlled by separate thermostats and a Steffens Heating unit. The Steffens unit draws power during the low demand power cycle and discharges it during the peak demand period sufficient to comfortably heat the home.

There is a central A/C unit installed in the living room area. Hot water electric provides hot water. The home has a humidity control air exchanger installed.


The cottage has an active installed security system with a remote arming feature.


There is an outstanding water supply feed from a ravine on the highway side lot running under the highway to our crock-lined well. The water is piped to the cottage and garage from this all season water supply. There are at least 2 other natural springs on the western end of the waterside lot. There is good quality and sufficient water supply for several residences. The water is supplied using insulated water tank together with a filter and an ultraviolet light system to ensure a healthy and safe water. There is an electric outlet and heater wire to prevent icing of the water line where it enters the cottage for winter use.


Our cottage is completely furnished, room to room and wall to wall and is offered fully furnished. Included is a fully equipped kitchen, including electric stove, fridge, dish washer, coffee maker, electric kettle, dining ware and cutlery, pots and pans, dish clothes and towels. Also included is a serviceable Kitchen table and 6 custom made pine wood chairs.

All family room furniture with 60” LED TV; master bedroom and bedroom 2 and 3 furnishings together with all draperies, bedding, linens, bathroom towels etc; washer and dryer, 2nd fridge and freezer in kitchen shed; exterior patio table, and chairs, sliders, and umbrella; operational BBQ.


Beach / Shoreline frontage has been measured as 1325’. The most easterly 400’ more or less of the shoreline is lined with armor stone to ensure the integrity of the shoreline tiered landscaping.

It is at the eastern end of the property where our seasonable wharf is installed and removed for the summer season.


The septic system was installed after approval from the NS Dept of Environment.


There are 4 exterior water faucets on each side of the cottage.


The exterior light fixtures mounted on all sides of the cottage provide adequate and safe lighting around the cottage and decks and for the approach to the highway side entrance. Additional lighting is provided by a NS Power utility pole light mounted over the parking area next to the cottage turning on at dusk and off at dawn.


Within 40’ of the cottage is a Kitchen accessory shed (10’ X 14’ ) with electricity and power outlets, unheated, with a new roof and siding for kitchen accessories and electric freezer.


There is extensive decking on the water side running 68’ in length at a width of 12’ on the ends and 16’ in the centre. The decking continues on the east side of the building. There are 4 sets of stairs to exit the south and east deck. There is a large deck area with 2 sets of stairs servicing the highway side cottage entrance.


Approximately 170’ west of the cottage is a garage constructed circa 2006. It is 36’ x 32’ with a concrete floor, and 11.5’ high inside from floor to finished ceiling. It has 3 large garage doors and one man door and 5 opening windows and good ceiling lighting.

The garage has been constructed on a cement pony wall extending approximately 22” above the floor and framed with 2’ x6” studding to permit the roof to be raised, if desired, to add a second floor for residential purposes.

The electric service is 100 amps. There water service into the garage only. The exterior lighting on the east and west ends of the garage may be turned on and off from the cottage. It is also serviced by the cottage security system.

The garage has handsome landscaping on the west and north sides. There is a wide service road leading from the cottage to the garage, and around the north side and a continuing road to a gated access / exit road to the highway.


West of the Garage and well are 3 constructed ponds channeling the surface water from the highest elevation of the waterside lot at the cottage entrance and the well water run off and other surface water to the lowest elevation on the shoreline approximately 150’ from the most westerly boundary.

Service roads and walkways have been constructed around and at each pond which now require maintenance by reason of alder tree growth and non-use.


The Sale will include :

  • a Bunton Zero Turning Radius 60’ cut commercial lawn mower;
  • a Cyclone Rake Lawn Vacuum, a BSC Tractor – Rotor Tiller with a Brush Cut attachment
  • a operating 1988 JCB Backhoe with a 8’ blade and bucket.
  • Many miscellaneous accessories, tools and equipment for lawn, garden, carpentry and workshop usage.

A licensed motor vehicle may be included in the sale.


Further west approximately ¼ mile there is an additional Water Lot of 10.5 acres with frontage of 595’ is available. Directly across the highway from this lot there is an additional Parcel on the north side of Highway with a Frontage in excess of 1325’ containing 173 acres.

Please see the Survey plan of G Wayne Hardy, NSLS dated October 4, 2002 showing land of Theresa Mahoney to be conveyed to Carol Khattar, wherein the Water Lot is noted as Parcel A and the Highway Side Lot is noted as Parcel B.

Parcels A and B have not been developed and are in their natural state.


The Eastern and Western lots on the North side of the highway are separated by Crown Lands. The total frontage of the Eastern and Western Lots and the Crown Lot in between is approximately 1325’ +1325’ + Crown lot frontage of 1450’ = 4100’. The 4100’ frontage to a depth of approximately ¾ of a mile provides a forest recreation area for all season activities.

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